Creating beautiful things from upcycled jeans!

My shop really began before denim. A friend had given me an old sail from their sailboat and I made tote bags and sold them at a local gift shop. I eventually ran out of the sail material, but really enjoyed the idea of creating things from fabric headed for the landfills. What is more available than denim from old jeans? Nearly everyone wears them. So I started to make a few bags and pillow covers from some old jeans and attended a local Holiday craft show. I got such great feedback and response that I decided to try and sell them on line. And Voila! So began Denim Designs by Lisa!

I have such fun collecting denim by scavenging at rummage sales, yard sales, and most of my friends and family now send their used jeans my way when they are finished with them, and I love seeing what I can create with them! I love the colors and the feel of worn denim is so soft, yet durable.

I hope that you enjoy using your purchases as much as I enjoy creating them! Thanks for stopping and please come back again soon!

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